Corporate Testimonials


“The Partners and staff at Hanlon Kneller and Associates LLP enjoy invaluable support and guidance from Matthew Furnell. He is continuing to work with us all with regard to our health, nutrition, fitness and we would have no hesitation at all in recommending his services to other Companies.”

Gordon Hanlon Senior Partner – Hanlon Kneller and Associates LLP

“Matthew Furnell has been highly influential in his dealings with the employees at EIS with his enthusiasm, energy and knowledge from a health and fitness perspective. He has been training over 50% of the staff individually and providing support with their nutrition programme. The evidence of all this can be seen by the contents of the staff fridge and I would like to think we now have to be the healthiest Insurance Company in the country!”

Dan Rose, Managing Director – Event Insurance Services Ltd

“Really happy with the changes in both myself and my staff in regards to just healthy eating alone! No more mid afternoon crashes and as a result, the guys are more focused. It seemed to be all about replacement, once we knew the foods that were slowing us down it was all about switching to food that sped us up! Matthew’s ongoing support allowed the right time to implement these changes and we will never be going back!”

Chamberlain Plumbing & Heating