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Struggling to find the motivation? picture the end result

Struggling to find the motivation? picture the end result

“I want to be healthy, but I just can’t stick to it”. Many of us unconsciously use this self-doubt approach, almost as a way of avoiding starting in the first place; you’re just not that good at ‘keeping it up’. This mindset not only means you’ll start on the back foot with little motivation, but a pessimistic approach to changing your lifestyle for the better doesn’t really make any sense. Being the healthiest and fittest version of yourself should be something that excites you, how many years will you add to your life? And how much more enjoyable will life be with all your new-found confidence and ability? Belief is key.

It’s Saturday night and you’ve just gone and bought yourself a lottery ticket, how quickly do you find yourself planning the next 10 years of your life from the lump sum of money you’re most likely never going to win? Weighing up whether to pick the Bugatti or the Ferrari is a difficult choice and can bring some hesitation, but in this moment, are you positive? You probably are. Will you come to a decision? Most likely. Will you ever win the lottery? Probably not.
The chances of you changing the way you look, feel and progress is much more probable, and there’s not a dime of luck to it.

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to start, picture the end result. You’re fitter, stronger and healthier than you’ve ever been. Your confidence has excelled, and consequently your whole life just feels better. You can still make big plans, set reachable goals and feel immensely positive about this new version of yourself. You won’t care about the Bugatti Veyron in matte black with 1,000 hp and a top speed of more than 400kmph – it’s just a car. Besides, your body is the only vehicle worth seriously investing in.

Now you need some direction. Once you’ve committed to making change, it can sometimes be handy to seek the advice from a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist to help set you on track and detail a plan. We can create the right program for you, tailored to your lifestyle with realistic and reachable short, mid and long term goals. In the meantime, keep a log of your food and monitor your activity levels for the next week. A good program is always one that is focused around your circumstances, not a complete set of new ones. “I want to start, but I need to lose weight quickly.” Anything done too quickly, is probably not done correctly. Accepting healthy, sustained change requires patience, belief and persistence but believe me, it’s worth the wait. Besides, don’t focus on how long it will take to reach a goal, the time will pass anyway.