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How to overcome sugar cravings and endless treats in the office!

How to overcome sugar cravings and endless treats in the office!

Office jobs can be a nightmare for temptations with colleagues bringing in treats, home baking, and there is always someone with a birthday to celebrate!

If you’re trying to watch what you’re eating, these treats can have a real impact on your motivation and overall progress. Following the tips below could help to keep you on track;

  1. Tell your colleagues you’re avoiding treats, most people will respect this and will avoid sticking freshly baked cupcakes under your nose. (Some will definitely still do this!)

  2. Be selective with what you say yes to. A treat every now and then is fine, maybe just take a mini portion or avoid anything you know is completely laden with sugar.

  3. Bring in your own healthier alternatives. I don’t mean a bowl of fruit to share around, but there are some brilliant recipes for ‘less naughty’ or more natural options. Avocado brownies are a particular hit. Check out my recipe below:

  4. Make sure you’re bringing in food that you enjoy and is filling you up. You’re far less likely to crave if you’re feeling satisfied and have a favourite lunch to look forward to. This is also includes having a substantial breakfast. Go eggs…

  5. Don’t let one moment of weakness spoil the rest of the day. Just because you’ve had a couple of biscuits, doesn’t mean you need to spiral into a bit of a binge and resign to ‘starting again tomorrow’. Brush it off and get straight back on track.

It’s not always about saying ‘no’, it’s more about replacement. Just because everyone else is having a binge day doesn’t mean you have to, but restricting yourself too much only makes cravings worse, so make sure you’ve got something in your locker for when the treats come out!