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Work with your body, not against it.

One of the biggest hurdles you can face when trying to make long term changes to your health is learning to work with your body and not against it. It’s easy to feel negative or even quite angry with yourself when you’ve just given in to a craving, or had a disappointing exercise session or not seen the progression you hoped for.

Instead of getting frustrated, which trust me, is easy to do. Try to understand what might else might have been going on with your body. Did you submit to that craving perhaps because you were over tired, had you eaten enough earlier in the day, were your hormones unbalanced? Was your exercise session below average because you hadn’t fuelled your body sufficiently, was it tired from a previous session? Was your progression disappointing because you’ve been struggling with sleep or feeling stressed?

There is often more than meets the eye, and identifying what else might be going on, and learning to accept these factors is part of working with your body. If you know you are more likely to binge when you are overtired, remember this and next time you feel like giving in, identify this cause, understand it, and you’ll be more likely to resist.