Diabeating it


Don’t be told, “It’s too late.”

‘Diabeating it’ is a health hub welcoming diabetics, pre-diabetics and anyone who has an interest or a concern over the condition. The Facebook and twitter pages provide nutritional and lifestyle education, with upcoming online courses and support on prevention and management.

Thanks to medical science and recent studies, research shows that the ability to self-manage this potentially debilitating condition is entirely possible. With 1 in 11 people diagnosed in the UK, diabetic prevalence is growing year on year and will only continue to increase.

‘Diabeating it’ focuses on education and practical application. The information provided will change your view on how self-management is absolutely possible for anyone with the condition. In many cases, following the courses and guidance provided will also lead to natural weight-loss, hormonal balance and reduced stress levels.

Please note, no more group courses are being held for 2019/2020 due to increased demand for 1-1 sessions.

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