Client Testimonials


“When I contacted Matt and Ruben, I was looking to improve my energy levels and to tone up areas that had been stubbornly refusing to change. I already exercised regularly and had, what I thought, was a fairly healthy diet. I have been training with Ruben for the last 8 weeks and it has been fantastic. He listened carefully to my goals and has really helped me to achieve them. He used his expert knowledge to make each session varied and fun, and to target the right areas. I genuinely noticed the difference in my body within 4 weeks and am over the moon with the results. My nutrition consultation with Matt gave me an amazing insight into my diet and how to make positive changes. I am not exaggerating when I say that within a week, my energy levels noticeably improved. I no longer felt the need to go to bed before 9pm! Thank you so much!”

Becky – 38

“If you are looking for a personal trainer who listens to your concerns and objectives and then helps you get the results you want, then Matt Furnell is your man. I love my sessions with Matt and have found his guidance on nutrition including what to eat on exercise days and on rest days particularly helpful. After just over 2 months, I am feeling fitter and stronger than I’ve done in years, and the scales and measurements are evidence of that. As I am a woman of 55 with all the usual hormonal/metabolism issues for my age group, plus a few ankle and back problems, I was stuck not being able to lose weight, only gain it! Matt has adjusted all my training sessions to give me recovery time, while keeping me focused on a healthy nutritional intake which complements the exercise routine and maximises the fat-burning. This has been a revelation to me – knowing what foods to have around exercise times and what to eat on rest days. It really works!
This with the training sessions twice a week has proved really effective and for the first time in ages I am feeling like I am back in control of my body. A really great feeling and such a confidence-booster!”

Jennie – 55

“Training with Ruben over the past few months has been great for my confidence. I know exactly what to do in the gym that will work for me, and feel so much more confident when I’m working out alone. We worked on achieving long-term goals, and it’s amazing how much my lifestyle has changed for the better.”

Anna – 21

“When I met Matt I was 15 and a half stone and my health wasn’t in great shape. I’d tried numerous fad diets over the 2 years I’d been overweight, all to very little success. I remember feeling really dejected by the whole thing, and not convinced I’d be able to turn things around. Matt put me at ease straight away, he explained why I’d gained weight, and why I was struggling to lose it. He took the time to explain what was happening hormonally in my body and mind and how this might be working against me. At no point did I feel judged or embarrassed, and having someone take the time to really explain what was happening and why I’d struggled previously was key to my success. 12 months later I’d lost a total of 5 and a half stone, and was stronger, fitter and feeling better than I’d even been. My journey was never a struggle, I didn’t at any point feel like I was missing out on food, and in fact I probably enjoy food more now than I did then. The personal training and exercise was always fun and varied and there wasn’t a time I didn’t look forward to it. Most importantly, I know this isn’t a temporary change, Matt gave me the tools, knowledge and support I needed to turn things around for good. I’ll be forever grateful for what Matt has done for me.”

Kirsten – 25

“My name is Alex, I’m a type one diabetic and aspiring bodybuilder. I came to Matt a bit of a sceptic if I’m perfectly honest; after years of failed diabetic care from the NHS I was beginning to think no one could help. Before I came to Matt I was having 4-5 hypoglycaemic attacks a week. This soon changed after meeting Matt. He educated me on good nutrition to help with my diabetes as well as training tips both of which impacted my bodybuilding training and health in a massively positive way. However, the biggest change has been the lack of hypoglycaemic attacks I’m having; I went almost 8 weeks without having an attack. I’m absolutely delighted with the results and just wished I had met Matt sooner.”

Alex – 24

“I am a keen runner but needed to strengthen my core and work on other areas to get stronger. I have been training with Sharon for a few months now and she has really helped me to understand what I need to do and how I could further my training myself in the gym. I sustained a running injury and she has helped me through this, working on the key areas to strengthen my muscles and therefore reduce my injury time. She is patient, very knowledgeable and always encourages me to push myself that little bit further to gain the results I want.”

Helen – 34

“I am working with Matthew on a perfect fitness and nutrition program and I have never felt better.”

Cathy – 62

“Matt has been a dedicated, committed and accommodating personal nutritionist and PT to me. His knowledge is first class and specifically individualised making your goals suitable and more importantly with Matt, he made them achievable for me.”

Tom – 23

“I thought I had dieting nailed until I realised all I was doing was forcing my body to hold onto everything! It was the education and specific exercise that got me the results I needed and I’m continuing to see nice progression at a healthy pace. Over the moon with the program and enjoying Matt’s encouragement and support. I found energy I didn’t realise I had!”

Mike – 27

“I started training again 6 months ago after a five year gap. Matt has been inspirational in getting me back into good habits, both in the gym and the dietary intake, the results have been hugely beneficial. The boxing routines I particularly enjoy, Matt’s past experience in this sector is very reassuring when hitting the pads. Whilst I didn’t carry a lot of excess body weight, the strength training has resulted in better muscle definition, plus a couple of notches off the belt! As a trainer Matt is punctual, very supportive and encouraging, plus a pleasure to work out with!”

Peter – 62

“Matt has really helped me over the last year, I have seen results that I have been struggling to achieve for years.. I would recommend his services to anyone – whether you are looking for weight loss, increased strength & fitness levels or just an all round healthy lifestyle change, Matt’s passion and commitment to his training and nutrition programs is constantly helping me to achieve this, and I am so grateful to finally see noticeable results! :)
It is so nice to work with someone so patient and knowledgeable, who really cares about you achieving your goals. I cannot thank you enough! :)”

Katheryn – 31

“Working with Matthew has helped me bring my blood sugar levels back under control. This resulted in my dr. confirming I was no longer at risk of diabetes. For me, and my family this was such a relief! I’ve also learned how to apply daily principles to boost my health and have an exercise routine I follow just three times per week. As a man of 58, many of my friends are experiencing health-related worries, and I used to. I feel much more confident that I’m in control of my health and am training for a marathon later in the year. I’d thoroughly recommend Matthew’s training to anyone of a similar age, who would like to boost their quality of life, fitness, physique and lower the risk of certain nasty diseases.”

Michael – 58