Nutritional Coaching

Consultation & Dietary Analysis


Nutrition is personal. We want to meet you to understand your individual situation. The process starts with you completing a diet and health questionnaire prior to your consultation. We then meet to discuss our findings and talk about how to move forward. Our nutritional advice is delivered with an evidence-based approach, so no fads or false information. If you are worried about boring, fad diets or losing the enjoyment in food then fear not; there are many ways to achieve improved health without cutting out your favourite foods and drinks. The sessions are educational, as we believe the key to success with any long-lasting change is fully understanding the why, as well as the how.

Fee: £79.00 – Duration: 75 – 90 mins
Bespoke fees for sports professionals and athletes

Follow up appointments & on-going coaching

It is often valuable to invest in a short series of on-going coaching as making any long-term change has its challenges. For some, a simple follow up appointment in the near future is sufficient. Our on-going sessions are tailored to you so can involve anything from learning how to cook simple, effective and healthy recipes to working on building a routine with food, making it easy to follow a sustainable way of eating and building better nutritional habits. All with the goal of helping you achieve the results you desire.

Fee: £40.00 – Duration: 60 mins
Bespoke fees for sports professionals and athletes

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