The corporate program

A bespoke & tailored health & nutritional program for businesses, designed with the intention of creating a healthier and in turn more productive workplace by means of providing ongoing employee support with health & nutritional guidance.
In 2015/16, work-related stress accounted for 35% of work-related ill-health and 43% of days lost. These statistics were taken from a recent study by the World Health Organisation. Our programs help staff make small changes to their diets, lifestyle and exercise routines, in order to bring about better health and in turn, feel more productive & energised. We realise some people are more in touch with healthy living than others, so the advice & support we give is tailored to the individual, so that your employee has the best chance of making and sustaining healthy changes in and out of the workplace.

We specialise in:
Boosting energy & focus
Weight management
Improved stress management
Increased activity levels
Confidence in exercise
Understanding food and how our bodies & minds respond to it

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